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If you live in or near a major city, you can have your old and broken washing machine or dryer picked up free of charge. This deal only applies to appliances located on ground level. Please note that if your appliance is situated in a difficult position, such as in a basement or upstairs then a 25 dollar fee per appliance will be assessed to help cover the cost of labor. To prevent this fee please have your appliances situated in an easy to reach position, mainly ground level in the house on the first floor or in the Garage. Fill out the form below to set up a washer removal appointment in your area.

Please include the city and state along with your address for quicker response time.

Fill out the form now to get free appliance pick up if you live in or near any major city. Please note that if you have appliances located upstairs or in the basement, then you will have to pay 25 dollars per appliance to be removed. Also note that a dishwasher cannot be picked up unless it is accompanied by another major appliance.

What types of appliances are accepted

We accept all major appliances and more.

    • Refrigerators (no dormitory size freezers)
    • Freezers (stand up and drop-in freezers)
    • Large restaurant coolers and sub zero freezers (cost $90 to pick up)
    • Soda Machines
    • Snack Machines
    • Washers and Dryers
    • Stoves and Ranges
    • Water heaters (must be accompanied by another major appliance)
    • Dishwashers (must be accompanied by another major appliance)
    • Almost all restaurant equipment no matter how large


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