Washer removal

Washer removal by professionals

Fill out the form below for washer removal if you live in or near any major city.
Try it for only $55.

Washer removal is now available free of charge when you schedule a pick up through washer-removal. Although this site is well known for washer removal, this page is to let you know that we also offer free appliance removal if you live in or near a major city. Just fill out the form to schedule an appliance pick up in your city.


Appliance removal ( what appliances do we accept)

we accept all makes and models of old and broken appliances for $55. Your appliances do not have to be cleaned up or in working condition in order for us to pick up your appliances. A local associate is on standby waiting to come to your home or place of business  to serve you with $55 appliance removal. Our associates are friendly and professional when it comes to appliance removal. Your needs are our top priority when we show up to your residence.


Appliance removal (fees apply in certain circumstances)

If  you appliances are located upstairs or even in the basement, then a fee of 25 dollars per appliance will be added to help cover the cost of labor required to remove your appliances from their locations. This fee is necessary because of the many risks involved in removing appliances from such positions. Also if  you live to far from one of our associates then you will have to pay a fuel cost for being outside of the coverage area. The coverage area is normally 25 miles. If you have more than one item for appliance removal, the the 25 dollar fee can be waived.

Appliances removal (what appliances do we accept)

We accept all makes and models of heavy appliances no matter what condition they may be in.

We accept:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezer
  • Washers
  • Dryer
  • Stoves and ranges of all sorts

Washer removal

washer removal

washer removal

You might simply need washer removal or dryer removal. Feel $55 to contact us in either case. We provide you with excellent service in your city by providing you with a $55 alternative to companies that charge a fee for washer removal or appliance removal.

Fill out the form to schedule a $55 appliance removal in your city. Please be sure to include city and state when completing the form for appliance pick up.








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